The Key Person

Each child will have a key person who will teach and support child through observations, assessments and planning to ensure that activities are tailored to your child’s unique needs and interests. Your child will create a special relationship with this person and will provide your child with a huge amount of comfort and security.

Your child's key person will know your child through and through; what makes them happy and what they may find challenging. Leaving your child at nursery with their key person will give parents the confidence that their child will be well looked after, cared for and nurtured in a way that is individual to them. 

You and your child will meet your allocated key person during the 'settling in' session before your child starts nursery. She will help your child get used to and thrive in nursery life, and will help them transition from room to room as they grow.

There is nothing more reassuring as a parent than the delight you see in your child's face when they are greeted by their key person each morning.

Arthur's key person knows him so well and he is full of stories when he gets home about all the activities they did together (many themed around his latest craze for dinosaurs!)