Starting Nursery

Meet Oakley

Hi, I'm Oakley. Starting nursery can be a bit scary but don't worry. When you join me at Little Trees we are going to have so much fun growing together! A little birdy told me that you love to laugh and smile and we do lots of that here. I can't wait to meet you and for you to become a little tree too. 

Settling-in Sessions

Following a tour of your chosen nursery, should you register your child to join, we would be delighted to welcome your child for a settling-in session to help them feel comfortable prior to their first day with us. The session is available for up to seven hours and you will be welcome to spend 20 minutes or so at the start of the session, settling your child in. We can arrange this on a date to time to suit you and your child.

The settling in session really put my mind to rest. I was so nervous that my daughter would cry as she hasn't been separated from me before, but as a left, she gave me a big smile and a wave and carried on playing with the play kitchen. What a relief! We now can't wait until she has her first day at Little Trees.

Read expert advice from Nursery Manager, Karen Green 

Preparing for Nursery

When your child has come in for a settling in session, we will give provide you with some helpful advice on how to prepare your child to start nursery, including a list of what they will need to bring on the day, including a change of clothes (in case they get dirty during messy play or outside, nappies (if needed), hat, gloves and coat (if needed) and wellies. 

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