Parents as Partners

At Little Trees we see parents as partners, and as an extension of the nursery team.

We want all children are having an enriched learning experience in a happy environment. To ensure children in our care are as happy as possible, we work closely with parents, to learn as much as we can about life at home. We love to know all about your child's routine, what they like to do, what the latest favourite activity is, or what toys do they like to play with and which books do they like to read. With this information, we try and make your child's time at nursery, full of adventure and imaginative activities we know they will love.

With this in mind, we use a safe, interactive learning journal app called Famly, to record your child’s progress. Famly has been designed to encourage and support nursery/ home communication, to allow parents to play an active part in their child’s education. Famly is updated regularly with updates about your child’s day. When parents log in they will be able to access their child’s learning journal, together with any photographic and video evidence. Parents are encouraged to upload any of their own observations from home to contribute to their child’s assessments. Parents will also have access to their child’s daily diary, invoices and the nursery newsfeed. 

Alongside Famly, Little Trees Nurseries hold dedicated parents’ evenings where they will have the opportunity to discuss their child’s progress and wellbeing. Parents are also encouraged to communicate with the nursery staff regularly and are always welcome to call the nursery or speak to their child’s keyworker during drop-off or pick-up time.