Little Trees Celtic Springs Gold Award!

The food and drink offered in our nurseries plays an important role in the health of children and can help develop good eating habits to set them up for the best start in life. 

This is why our Little Trees childcare practitioners play a vital role in contributing to the welfare of growing children. Snack times are an important opportunity for children to develop their communication skills, independence and numeracy.

Here are ways of how we promote healthy eating in our Nursery:

  • Providing opportunities for children to learn about healthy foods.
  • Supporting children to make healthy food choices through play activities and cooking.
  • Sitting with children and talking about food preferences and choices.
  • Good role modelling by staff.
  • Using non-food rewards, such as positive praise.
  • We have a cook in our nursery who is responsible for food and nutrition.

The Gold Standard Healthy Snack Award (GSA) is an excellent way to demonstrate how committed we are to support 
the children, families and communities we work with to eat well.



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