Nursery Preparation

Helping your child prepare to start nursery
At Little Trees Nurseries we want every family to enjoy the time that they and their children spend with us.  We recognise that starting nursery is an exciting time but it can also be a bit overwhelming so we will do everything possible to make the transition as easy and enjoyable as possible.  Every child is different and each will react in different ways.

  We will use our knowledge and experience through our skilled staff to help every child and family to settle comfortably and be part of the Little Trees community. Even if your child is a little upset when you drop off them off at nursery, the chances are that a few minutes later, they will be engrossed in their play. 

Top tips

·        Dependant on your child’s age and understanding talk to them in positive terms about nursery and treat it as an adventure to look forward to

·        In the days leading up to starting nursery, try to get into a routine

·        Trial how long it will take to make the journey from home to nursery, the last thing you want is to have to rush and feel stressed and anxious before you arrive, as drop off times can be quite busy

·        When you leave your child with us, say goodbye in a calm and brief manner and tell your child that you’ll be back.  Although your child might be upset, prolonging the goodbye can sometimes cause more distress

·        Your child may be a little tired in the first few days, as they will have had lots of stimulation and could be a bit restless at night.  This is natural and will soon pass.

Acknowledge your own feelings

·        Children are receptive to your reactions and feelings and will pick up if you are feeling anxious, so try your best to remain positive

·        It is best if you are not immediately returning to work to keep busy on the first couple of days and perhaps enjoy the small pleasures such as being able have a hot drink in peace

·        You might feel guilty about leaving your child at nursery but try to think of the positives for your child, such as their social skills developing, the interaction with other children and all the activities that you might want to avoid at home, such as messy play!

·        Please phone us or message us on the Famly app, especially in the first few days as much as you need to give you that reassurance that your child is happy and settled.  We don’t want you to worry and sometimes that quick phone call will put your mind at ease.

What to bring?

·        Spare clothing, especially if your child is toileting

·        Baby wipes and nappies

·        Outdoor clothing such as warm coat, hats, gloves for the Winter months and a sun hat for the Summer months.  It is very helpful if these are labelled with your child’s name

·        Factor 50 sun cream (labelled)

·        Comfort item to help if your child is unsettled or needs this for nap times

All of the above should be in a back pack style of bag


Supporting your child
We aim to follow the routines you have at home, so during your settle session with us, we will ask you lots of questions about your child’s likes and dislikes, how long your child sleeps etc.  As a parent you know your child best so please share with us this valuable knowledge so we can continue to mirror home life as much as possible.

We will also ask you to complete a Little Trees Initial Development Overview which will help the staff to establish your child’s strengths and interests, which will form our initial baseline assessment and help us plan activities and experiences around this.