Enrol My Child (Enrolment Form)


This form will take 15-20 minutes to complete. Please do make sure you are able to complete all the sections. After you have completed this form, please return to the Enrolment Hub to pay the £80 enrolment fee.


Please indicate which nursery you will be enrolling your child in.required
Parent 1 namerequired
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Parent 2 name
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Name of the cardholder so we can track your enrolment fee payment (£80)required
First Name
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Child's namerequired
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This can be changed at a later date, so don't worry if this date changes.
I consent to DCNL obtaining, processing and holding sensitive personal information about me or either of us and my/our child, including medical details for the purposes of assessment and selection in order to safeguard and promote the welfare of my/our child.(To view further information on how we access, use and share personal data please refer to our Privacy Notice available on our website).required
Please indicate the sessions required. Please note the minimum number is 2 sessions per week. Session Times: AM – 8.00am-1.00pm PM – 1.00pm-6.00pm Full day – 8.00am-6.00pm Early start – 7.30am-8.00amrequired


To view further information on how we access, use and share personal data please refer to our Privacy Notice available on our website.

I give my consent for photographs/ videos of my child to be taken and used in their own personal online Learning Journal (Famly).required
I give my consent for photographs/ videos of my child to be used in another child’s online Learning Journal, where required, such as in group photographs.required
I give my consent for photographs of my child to be used on the Nursery Website for marketing purposes.required
I give my consent for photographs of my child to be used on Social Media platforms for marketing purposes.required
I give my consent for photographs of my child to be used for other marketing purposes i.e- leaflets/posters.required
I give my consent for the nursery to share information regarding my child’s learning and development with other settings that my child attends.required
I give my consent for the nursery to share information with other professionals i.e. health visitor, speech and language therapist, to be able to fully support your child’s development.required
I give my consent for staff to call an ambulance in an emergency and/or escort my child to the emergency department of the nearest hospital and to await our arrival. Any decisions regarding my child’s care will then be made by the Emergency Department of the hospital.required
I give my consent for staff to apply an SPF 50+ sunscreen, which I will supply annually for sunny weather.required
I give my consent for a qualified first aider to apply a hypoallergenic plaster to my child.required
I give my consent for my child to go for walks in the local area including trips to local facilities in line with guidance from risk assessments i.e. library, post box, park, shop, landmarks.required


Communication via our app, Famly. 

Famly is a website/ app that can be accessed on a computer or laptop, and also on any Apple or Android device such as a tablet or smart phone.  Famly provide a secure and exciting way of keeping track of your child’s development and their time with us.

The system enables us to instantly upload photos, videos and observations of your children. Parents can receive email alerts and can log on and view what their children have been up to at Nursery.

The safeguarding of our children is very important to us.  Everything that is added to Famly will be added to our Nursery account and can only be viewed by Nursery staff that use the system, and also yourself, using your own log on. Important information, newsletters and invoices will be communicated to you using the Famly App. You will only have access to your child’s own journal, and your own invoices and this cannot be seen by other parents.  Also, it is crucial that you do not share photos or videos from your child’s journal on social media or through other online platforms.  Any incidents where this confidentiality is broken will be dealt with very seriously and will result in your access to the system being withdrawn.

I do/ do not give permission for my child’s photo to appear in any group photos used in Learning Journeys/ Famly newsfeeds. Famly newsfeeds are tailored to either whole nursery or per department. (Photos that have multiple children tagged with parental consent will appear in each child’s learning journal. Without consent, the photo may still be used however a child’s identity will be disguised before doing so.)required
I agree/ do not agree to adhere to the safeguarding practices within the nursery by agreeing to not electronically share, by social media or other platforms, any part of my child’s Learning Journey.required
A copy of the Terms & Conditions can be downloaded here.
A list of the Little Trees Nurseries fees can be downloaded here.
Please note, there is a cooling-off period of 14 days after giving consent to the Terms & Conditions. 

1.      The Nursery opens from 8.00am-6.00pm. A session is from 8.00am-1.00pm or 1.00pm-6.00pm. A minimum of two sessions are to be booked. The nursery may open from 07:30 but an additional charge is made to access the service. Children should be delivered and collected within your agreed session times as per your registration form. Arrivals and departures between your booked session times are at your discretion. Late collection will result in a late collection charge.


2.      No refund will be given for sessions where your child’s nursery place is unfilled due to illness or holidays. Where Nurseries are closed on Bank Holidays, you will not be charged. Where nurseries are closed for Inset training sessions you will not be charged.


3.      Children must only be collected from the Nursery by a Parent/Guardian or someone who has been authorised to do so. If they are unknown to the Nursery they will be asked to provide identification and confirm the unique password set by the Parents/Guardian set up on the Admission Form. If the Nursery staff are not reasonably satisfied that an individual is allowed to collect your child, we will not release your child into their care.


4.      Only people authorised by Nursery staff may enter the building. Permitting entry to someone you do not know upon arriving and leaving the Nursery is NOT ALLOWED, even if you recognise them.


5.      The Nursery should be informed immediately if you are unable to collect your child from the Nursery by the official collection time, and what arrangements have been put in place.


6.      The Nursery should be informed immediately of any changes to your contact details.


7.      In compliance with: Standard 7 of the National Standards for under 8’s childcare (England) / Standard 10 of the National Minimum Standards for regulated child care (Wales), no child is received into the setting if he/she appears to be ill. If a child becomes unwell during their time in the Nursery, care is taken to prevent possible cross infection and Parents are notified as soon as possible. Please refer to our Medication Policy and Procedures should a child become unwell.


8.      Prescribed medication will only be administered on completion of the relevant medication form.


9.      In the case of an emergency, every effort will be made to contact the Parent/Guardian. If hospital treatment is required the Nursery will contact the emergency services, take advice and act as necessary. If transport of the child to a hospital is required, a member of the Senior Management Team will transport/accompany the child to hospital.


10.   Monthly fees are to be paid in advance by the 15th of each month by Direct Debit. A direct debit form will completed for every child. We accept all child care vouchers. We participate in the government tax free child care schemes. Where local authority funding is available we reserve the right to impose restrictions. Any late payments of fees will incur an interest charge of 2% above the base rate of our bank on the fee outstanding for every day the invoice remains unpaid, along with an administration fee of £25.00 per month. For any failed Direct Debit or cheque we will charge a £25.00 administration fee. (Effective from 1st April 2018). Any costs we incur for debt collection will be added to your account.


11.   Parents will receive at least one month’s notice of any increase in fees.


12.   In the event where a place has been confirmed but not taken up without a month’s notice, then a month’s fees are payable. A minimum of one month’s notice must be given in writing to change any agreed sessions booked and to withdraw from the Nursery. Notice can be given at any time and will become effective on the 1st of the following month for which the full fees will be payable. Failure to do so will result in fees being paid in lieu of notice.


13.   As the number of children with nut allergies and intolerances is increasing, with the support of Parents we aim to keep the facility NUT FREE. Parents are requested not to send food or empty food packaging into the Nursery without a discussion with the manager.


14.   All Compliance Checks, Emergency Procedures and Health & Safety matters are in place, monitored and reviewed annually.


15.   We have an obligation to report any instances where we consider that a child may have been neglected or abused to the relevant authorities. We may do so without your consent and/or without informing you.


16.   If the Nursery that your child attends has to close or we take the decision to close due to events or circumstances which are outside our control, we shall be under no obligation to provide alternative childcare facilities to you. If the closure exceeds 3 days in duration (excluding any days when the Nursery would otherwise be closed), we will credit you with an amount that represents the number of days the Nursery is closed in excess of 3 days.


17.   If you have any concerns regarding the services we provide, please refer to the Complaints Policy and discuss your concerns with your child’s keyworker. If these concerns have not been resolved to your satisfaction please contact the Nursery Manager. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us.


18.   Photographs of the children who attend our nurseries may be taken. These photographs may be used for promotional purposes, for staff training/studying purposes or for our website. If you DO NOT WISH for your child’s pictures to be used for the mentioned purposes, you will be able to specify so when completing the Consent Form.


19.   We may immediately end this Agreement if:

a.      you have failed to pay your fees;

b.      you have breached any of your obligations under this Agreement and you have not or cannot put right that breach within a reasonable period of time of us asking you to;

c.       you behave unacceptably, as we will not tolerate any physical or verbal abuse towards staff

d.      your child’s behaviour is unacceptable or endangers the safety and well-being of any of the other children at the Nursery; or

e.      we take the decision to close your child’s Nursery. We will give you as much notice as possible of such a decision.


20.    You may immediately end this Agreement if:

a.      we have breached any of our obligations under this Agreement and we have not or cannot put right that breach within a reasonable period after you have drawn it to our attention; or

b.      we suffer any event of insolvency.


21.   If you employ a member of DCNL staff for work other than casual out of hours work, such as babysitting, within 2 months of them leaving our employment a recruitment fee of 20% of the staff member’s annual salary is payable to DCNL. DCNL accept no responsibility for casual out of hours work delivered for you by our employees.


22.   To view further information on how we access, use and share personal data please refer to our Privacy Notice available on our website.