Our Dean Close Nurseries have clear core values that are instilled within the Foundation.

Love, Courage, and Contribution with the aim of Flourishing.

This is how we imbed these values into careers at Little Trees Nurseries.

  •     We embrace Inclusion & Diversity when recruiting
  •     We celebrate our employee’s successes & achievements; for example staff member of the month, Awards evening at the staff Christmas party
  •     Feeling part of a vibrant community
  •     Respect given to all employees
  •     Everyone has a voice and is listened to
  •     The staff feel valued
  •     Staff feel nurtured
  •     We offer flexibility where the business allows
  •     Staff are genuinely happy to be at work
  •     Long term employees = happy engaged employee
  •     Our Managers are accessible, honest & transparent, creating a sense of we are all in this together