A new addition to the Little Trees family - Christ Church

There will be a sixth Little Trees Nursery opening up this September 2021. Little Trees Christ Church will be the second Cheltenham branch to the popular Little Trees Landsdown that opened its doors back in 2015. The new nursery will be for children aged 0-4 and will be based at Airthrie Independent School that has been recently been acquired by Dean Close Foundation.

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Toddler Behaviour Top Tips

One of the most important areas of learning we want to encourage in our children is their imagination and creativity which is crucial for children’s development.
Open ended play begins very early on in a child’s life when they use objects to learn about the world around them with the freedom to discover and create with real resources in their play, not just toys.
We know that children usually prefer play that stimulates their curiosity and allows them to become engrossed in their own imagination and creativity

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