Why Little Trees?

Our approach to childcare is simple; to provide a loving, nurturing, safe environment filled with warmth and promise where individuals’ talents are encouraged to flourish and grow.

At Little Trees we consider that all children are individuals with their own characteristics and personalities. All children develop and mature at different rates, making their development and achievements unique to them. We believe that the early years’ experience should be rooted in "play" and the nursery curriculum provides the children with broad, balanced and relevant experiences built on what the children already “know” and “can do”. The children are encouraged to develop and learn at their own pace, resulting in happy, confident children.

We make sure children's learning is tailored to meet their individual developmental needs with great emphasis on these key areas.


  • Embracing difference - Each child is unique and are treated as individuals.
  • A sense of belonging - We make sure the children in our care feel like they belong.
  • Happy memories are made - When children are happy they will want to learn.
  • Inspiring young minds - Children adopt a love of learning and an inquisitive thirst for knowledge.
  • A caring approach - Our environment is supportive and welcoming.
  • Friendships blossom - We encourage harmonious and nurturing relationships.
  • Fun, fun, fun! - Providing a colourful and fun environment to learn.
  • Looking forward to big school - Specialist preschool staff preparing children to start school.