Our Values

At Little Trees nurseries we strongly embrace our core values of courage, contribution, love and flourishing, ensuring they are weaved into all our educational planning and are also just part of our day to day ethose.   

Our curriculum considers the Characteristics of Effective Learning, focusing on how children learn within their environment, and the activities and experiences that we provide during their time with us. 

The characteristics include: 
•    Playing and exploring – engagement 
•    Active learning – motivation 
•    Creating and thinking critically – thinking 

Courage is demonstrated when we provide the opportunity for children to try new things, take risks and learn from their mistakes.  Our staff encourage children to challenge themselves and to learn through discovery. 

Contribution is demonstrated when we encourage children to come up with their own ideas and we provide them with the tools to extend their learning and exploration. 

Love is demonstrated through our key worker system which enables children to feel safe and secure through the strong bonds that we form with them. 

Our children flourish through our individualised planning which is tailored to each child, based on what they know, their interests and how we are going to provide activities and experiences to develop them further through their next steps in their learning.